Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wordlist 3 : A

Amiable -(adj) : agreeable, lovable, warmly frindly

Amicable -(adj) : politely friendly, not quarrelsome

Amity -(n) : friendship

Amorphous -(n) : formless, lacking shape or definition

Anachronism -(n) : something of someone misplaced in time

Analogous -(adj) : comparable

Anarchy -(n) : absence of governing body

Anathema -(n) : solemn curse

Anemic -(adj) : someone who is suffering from anemia

Animus -(adj) : hostile feeling or intent

Annotate -(v) : comment

Anomalous -(adj) : abnormal, irregular

Antediluvian -(adj) : antiquated, extremely ancient

Antipathy -(n) : aversion, dislike

Antithesis -(n) : contrast, direct opposite of

Apathy -(n) : lack of caring, indifference

Aperture -(n) : opening, hole

Apex -(n) : tip, summit, climax

Aphasia -(n) : loss of speech due to injury or illness

Aphorism -(n) : pity maxim or saying

Apogee -(n) : highest point

Wordlist 2 : A

Adulterate -(v) : making impure bu adding inferior substances

Adversity -(n) : poverty, misfortune

Affable -(adj) : easily approachable, warmly friendly

Affected -(adj) : artificial, pretended

Affluence -(n) : abundance, wealth

Aggregate -(n) : gather, accumulate

Alacrity -(n) : cheerful promptness

Alleviate -(v) : relieve

Allure -(v) : entice, attract

Aloof -(adj) : apart, reserved

Amalgamate -(v) : combine, mix

Ambiguous -(adj) : unclear of doubtful in meaning

Ambivalence -(n) : the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes

Amble -(n) : moving at an easy pace

Ambulatory -(adj) : able to walk, not bedridden

Ameliorate -(v) : improve

Wordlist 1 : A

Abase -(v) : lower, degrade, humiliate

Abate -(v) : subside or moderate

Aberrant -(adj) : Abnormal or deviant

Abet -(v) : assist, usually in doing something wrong

Abhor -(v) : detest, hate

Abjure -(v) : renounce to oath

Ablution -(n) : washing

Abnegation -(n) : self-sacrifice, renunciation

Aboriginal -(adj) : first of its kind in region

Abortive -(adj) : unsuccessful, fruitless

Abscond -(v) : depart secretly and hide

Abstemious -(v) : sparing in eating and drinking

Abstinence -(n) : restrain from eating and drinking

Abstruse -(adj) : obscure, profound

Abysmal -(adj) : bottomless

Accede -(v) : agree

Acclimate -(v) : adjust to climate of environment

Acclivity -(n) : sharp upslope of a hill

Accord -(n) : agreement

Acrophobia -(n) : fear of heights

Acumen -(n) : mental keenness

Admonish -(n) : warn, reprove

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