Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wordlist 17 : E

Endemic -(adj) : prevailing among specific group of people

Enervate -(v) : weaken

Engender -(v) : cause, produce

Engross -(v) : filled completely

Enigma -(n) : puzzle

Enigmatic -(adj) : obscure, puzzling

Ennui -(n) : boredom

Entice -(v) : lure, attract

Entity -(n) : real being

Entomology -(n) : study of insects

Enumerate -(v) : list

Enunciate -(v) : utter or speak

Ephemeral -(adj) : short-lived

Epic -(n) : long heroic poem

Epicure -(adj) : connoisseur of food and drink

Episodic -(adj) : loosely connected

Epoch -(n) : period of time

Equanimity -(adj) : calmness of mind

Equitable -(adj) : fair, impartial

Equity -(n) : fairness, justice

Equivocal -(adj) : ambiguous

Equivocate -(v) : misleading

Erratic -(adj) : odd, unpredictable

Erudite -(adj) : learned, scholarly

Esoteric -(adj) : hard to understand

Ethereal -(adj) : light, heavenly

Ethnic -(adj) : relating to races

Eulogistic -(adj) : praising

Wordlist 16 : E

Dwindle -(v) : shrink, reduce

Ebullient -(adj) : showing excited, overflowing with enthusiasm

Eclectic -(adj) : selective

Eclipse -(v) : darken, surpass

Ecstasy -(n) : rapture, joy

Edify -(v) : instruct, correct morally

Efface -(v) : rub out

Efficacy -(n) : ability to produce desired results

Effigy -(n) : dummy

Effrontery -(n) : shameless boldness

Egregious -(adj) : notorious

Egress -(v) : exit

Elated -(v) : overjoyed, high in spirits

Elicit -(v) : draw out by discussion

Elusive -(adj) : evasive

Emaciated -(adj) : thin and waste

Emancipate -(v) : set free

Embellish -(adj) : adorn

Emendation -(n) : correction of errors

Empirical -(adj) : based on experience

Emulate -(v) : imitate, rival

Enclave -(n) : territory closed within an alien land

Encompass -(v) : surround

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordlist 14 : D

Derogatory -(adj) : expressing low opinion

Desecrate -(v) : profane

Despise -(v) : look on with scorn

Destitute -(adj) : extremely poor

Desultory -(adj) : aimless, haphazard

Detached -(adj) : emotionally removed

Deterrent -(n) : something that discourages

Deviate -(v) : turn away from

Devoid -(adj) : lacking

Devotee -(n) : enthusiastic

Devout -(adj) : pious

Dexterous -(adj) : skillful

Diabolical -(adj) : devilish

Diatribe -(v) : bitter scolding

Dichotomy -(v) ; split, breaking in two opposite parts

Diffidence -(n) : lack of confidence, shyness

Diffuse -(adj) : wordy, spread out(like a gas)

Digression -(n) : wandering away from the subject

Dilate -(v) : expand

Diligence -(n) : steadiness of effort

Diminution -(n) : lessening, reduction in size

Din -(n) : continued laud noise

Dingy -(adj) : dull, not fresh

Dirge -(n) : lament with music

Disabuse -(v) : correct the false impression

Disconsolate -(adj) : sad

Discordant -(adj) : not harmonious

Discredit -(v) : defame

Discrepancy -(n) : lack of consistency

Discrete -(adj) : separate, unconnected

Wordlist 13 : D

Decimate -(V) : kill

Declivity -(n) : downslope

Decollete -(adj) : low necked

Decorum -(n) : propriety, orderliness in manner

Decrepitude -(n) : state of collapse caused by illness or cold

Defame -(v) : harm someone's reputation

Default -(n) : failure to act

Defection -(n) : desertion

Defer -(v) : delay till later

Deference -(n) : courteous regard for another's wish

Defile -(v) : pollute, profane

Defunct -(adj) : dead, no longer in use or existence

Degenerate -(v) : become worse, deteriorate

Deleterious -(adj) : harmful

Deliberate -(v) : consider, ponder

Delineate -(v) : portray, depict, sketch

Deluge -(n) : flood, rush

Delusion -(n) : false belief

Demented -(adj) : insane

Demise -(n) : death

Demographic -(adj) : related to population balance

Denigrate -(v) : blacken

Depravity -(n) : extreme corruption

Deranged -(adj) : insane

Deride -(v) : ridicule

Derision -(n) : ridicule

Derivative -(adj) : unoriginal

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wordlist 12 : C

Coy -(adj) : shy, modest

Cozen -(v) : cheat

Craven -(adj) : cowardly

Crux (adj) : essential or main point

Crypt -(n) : secret recess

Cryptic -(adj) : mysterious, hidden, secret

Cuisine -(n) : style of cooking

Cumbersome -(adj) : cumbersome

Cumulative -(adj) :
growing by addition

Cupidity -(adj) : greed

Curtail -(v) : shorten

Cynical -(adj) : skeptical or distrustful of human motives

Dank -(adj) : damp

Dapper -(adj) : neat and trim

Daunt -(adj) : frighten, intimidate

Dauntless -(adj) : bold, audacious

Dearth -(adj) : scarcity

Debacle -(n) : sudden downfall

Debase -(v) : reduce (in quality or value)

Debilitate -(v) : weaken, enfeeble

Debonair -(adj) : friendly, aiming to please

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wordlist 11 : C

Conjecture -(n) : surmise, guess

Connoisseur -(n) : a person competent to act as a judge of art

Consanguinity -(n) : kinship

Construe -(v) : explain, interpret

Contention -(n) : claim, thesis

Contentious -(adj) : quarrelsome

Continence -(adj) : sexual chastity

Contrite -(adj) : penitent

Controvert -(adj) : oppose with arguments

Conundrum -(n) : riddle, difficult problem

Convene -(v) : assemble

Converge -(v) : tend to meet

Convoluted -(adj) : coiled around

Copious -(adj) : plentiful

Corpulent -(adj) : very fat

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wordlist 10 : C

Collation -(n) : light meal

Colloquial -(adj) : pertaining to conversational or common speech

Colloquy -(n) : informal discussion

Colossal -(adj) : huge

Comatose -(adj) : in coma, extremely sleepy

Comely -(adj) : attractive, agreeable

Commensurate -(adj) : equal in extent

Commiserate -(v) : feel or express pity or sympathy for

Commodious -(adj) : spacious

Complaisant -(adj) : trying to please

Compliant -(adj) : yielding

Conciliatory -(adj) : reconciling, soothing

Conclave -(n) : private meeting

Concoct -(v) : prepare by combining

Condone -(v) : overlook, forgive

Confiscate -(v) : seize

Conformity -(n) : harmony, agreement

Confound -(v) : confuse, puzzle

Congenital -(adj) : existing at birth

Wordlist 9 : C

Chaste -(adj) : pure, virginal

Chicanery -(adj) : trickery, deception

Chide -(v) : scold

Chimerical -(adj) : highly unrealistic

Choleric -(adj) : hot-tempered

Churlish -(adj) : boorish, insensitive

Ciliated -(adj) : having minute hairs

Circuitous -(adj) : roundabout

Cite -(v) : commend, quote

Clandestine -(adj) : secret, arcane

Claustrophobia -(n) : fear of being locked in

Cleft -(n) : split

Coagulate -(v) : thicken, congeal

Coda -(n) : concluding part of musical or literary composition

Cogent -(adj) : convincing

Cognizance -(n) : knowledge

Cohere -(v) : stick together

Wordlist 8 : C

Capricious -(adj) : unpredictable

Captious -(adj) : faultfinding

Carnal -(adj) : fleshly, lusty

Carping -(n) : petty criticism

Castigation -(n) : punishment

Catholic -(adj) : universal, wide-ranging liberal

Caustic -(adj) : burning

Celerity -(n) : speed

Celibate -(adj) : abstaining from sexual intercourse

Censure -(v) : blame, criticize

Cessation -(n) : stoppage

Chaffing -(adj) : bantering, jocking

Wordlist 7 : B

Boisterous -(adj) : violent, rough, noisy

Bolster -(v) : support, reinforce

Bombastic -(n) : pompous

Boorish -(adj) : rude, insensitive

Bouillon -(n) : clear beef soup

Brackish -(adj) : somewhat saline

Braggadocio -(adj) : boasting

Brazen -(adj) : insolent

Breach -(v) : breaking a contract or duty

Brevity -(n) : consciousness

Brindled -(adj) : tawny or grayish with spots and streaks

Bucolic -(adj) : rusting, rural, pastoral

Burnish -(v) : making shiny by rubbing

Buttress -(v) : support, prop-up

Buxom -(adj) : full bosomed

Cadaver -(n) : corpse, dead body

Cajole -(v) : coax, wheedle,

Caliber -(n) : ability, quality

Callow -(adj) : youthful, immature, inexperienced

Candor -(n) : frankness, open honesty

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wordlist 6 : B

Baroque -(adj) : highly ornate

Beatific -(adj) : giving bliss

Belie -(v) : contradict, give a false impression

Belittle -(v) : disparage, depreciate

Bellicose -(adj) : warlike

Benediction -(n) : blessing

Beneficent -(n) : kindly, doing good

Benign -(adj) : kindly favorable

Benison -(n) : blessing

Berate -(v) : scold strongly

Bestial -(adj) : beast like, brutal

Bigotry -(n) : stubborn intolerance

Bizzare -(adj) : fantastic, violently contrasting

Blanch -(v) : bleach, whiten

Bland -(adj) : soothing or mild

Blase -(adj) : being too used to, bored with pleasure or dissipation

Blatant -(adj) : extremely obvious

Bleak -(adj) : cold or cheerless

Blithe -(adj) : gay, joyous

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wordlist 5 : A

Astral -(adj) : related to stars

Astute -(adj) : wise, clever, keen

Atrocity -(n) : brutal deed

Atrophy -(n) : wasting away

Attenuate -(v) : make thin, weaken

Audacious -(adj) : daring, bold

Augment -(v) : increase

August -(n) : majestic, impressive

Austere -(adj) : forbiddingly stern

Auxiliary -(adj) : offering or providing help, additional or supportive

Avarice -(adj) ; greediness for wealth

Aver -(v) : state confidently

Avert -(v) : prevent, turn away

Awry -(adj) : distorted, crooked

Axiom -(n) : self-evident truth requiring no proof

Baleful -(adj) : deadly, having a malign influence

Balmy -(adj) : mild, fragrant

Banal -(adj) : hackneyed, commonplace

Bane -(n) : cause of ruin

Wordlist 4 : A

Appease -(v) : pacify or soothe

Apprise -(v) : inform

Approbation -(n) : approval

Aquiline -(adj) : curved, hooked

Arcade -(n) : covered passageway

Arcane -(n) : secret, mysterious

Archaic -(adj) : antiquated

Ardor -(n) : heat, passion, zeal

Armada -(n) : fleet of warships

Arroyo -(n) : gully

Arsenal -(n) : storage place for military equipment

Artisan -(n) : skilled worker

Artless -(adj) : without guile

Ascertain -(v) : find out for certain

Ascetic -(adj) : practicing self-denial

Asperity -(n) : sharpness of temper

Assiduous -(adj) : diligent, constant efforts

Assuage -(v) : ease or lessen pain

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