Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wordlist 10 : C

Collation -(n) : light meal

Colloquial -(adj) : pertaining to conversational or common speech

Colloquy -(n) : informal discussion

Colossal -(adj) : huge

Comatose -(adj) : in coma, extremely sleepy

Comely -(adj) : attractive, agreeable

Commensurate -(adj) : equal in extent

Commiserate -(v) : feel or express pity or sympathy for

Commodious -(adj) : spacious

Complaisant -(adj) : trying to please

Compliant -(adj) : yielding

Conciliatory -(adj) : reconciling, soothing

Conclave -(n) : private meeting

Concoct -(v) : prepare by combining

Condone -(v) : overlook, forgive

Confiscate -(v) : seize

Conformity -(n) : harmony, agreement

Confound -(v) : confuse, puzzle

Congenital -(adj) : existing at birth

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