Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wordlist 16 : E

Dwindle -(v) : shrink, reduce

Ebullient -(adj) : showing excited, overflowing with enthusiasm

Eclectic -(adj) : selective

Eclipse -(v) : darken, surpass

Ecstasy -(n) : rapture, joy

Edify -(v) : instruct, correct morally

Efface -(v) : rub out

Efficacy -(n) : ability to produce desired results

Effigy -(n) : dummy

Effrontery -(n) : shameless boldness

Egregious -(adj) : notorious

Egress -(v) : exit

Elated -(v) : overjoyed, high in spirits

Elicit -(v) : draw out by discussion

Elusive -(adj) : evasive

Emaciated -(adj) : thin and waste

Emancipate -(v) : set free

Embellish -(adj) : adorn

Emendation -(n) : correction of errors

Empirical -(adj) : based on experience

Emulate -(v) : imitate, rival

Enclave -(n) : territory closed within an alien land

Encompass -(v) : surround

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