Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wordlist 7 : B

Boisterous -(adj) : violent, rough, noisy

Bolster -(v) : support, reinforce

Bombastic -(n) : pompous

Boorish -(adj) : rude, insensitive

Bouillon -(n) : clear beef soup

Brackish -(adj) : somewhat saline

Braggadocio -(adj) : boasting

Brazen -(adj) : insolent

Breach -(v) : breaking a contract or duty

Brevity -(n) : consciousness

Brindled -(adj) : tawny or grayish with spots and streaks

Bucolic -(adj) : rusting, rural, pastoral

Burnish -(v) : making shiny by rubbing

Buttress -(v) : support, prop-up

Buxom -(adj) : full bosomed

Cadaver -(n) : corpse, dead body

Cajole -(v) : coax, wheedle,

Caliber -(n) : ability, quality

Callow -(adj) : youthful, immature, inexperienced

Candor -(n) : frankness, open honesty

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