Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordlist 14 : D

Derogatory -(adj) : expressing low opinion

Desecrate -(v) : profane

Despise -(v) : look on with scorn

Destitute -(adj) : extremely poor

Desultory -(adj) : aimless, haphazard

Detached -(adj) : emotionally removed

Deterrent -(n) : something that discourages

Deviate -(v) : turn away from

Devoid -(adj) : lacking

Devotee -(n) : enthusiastic

Devout -(adj) : pious

Dexterous -(adj) : skillful

Diabolical -(adj) : devilish

Diatribe -(v) : bitter scolding

Dichotomy -(v) ; split, breaking in two opposite parts

Diffidence -(n) : lack of confidence, shyness

Diffuse -(adj) : wordy, spread out(like a gas)

Digression -(n) : wandering away from the subject

Dilate -(v) : expand

Diligence -(n) : steadiness of effort

Diminution -(n) : lessening, reduction in size

Din -(n) : continued laud noise

Dingy -(adj) : dull, not fresh

Dirge -(n) : lament with music

Disabuse -(v) : correct the false impression

Disconsolate -(adj) : sad

Discordant -(adj) : not harmonious

Discredit -(v) : defame

Discrepancy -(n) : lack of consistency

Discrete -(adj) : separate, unconnected

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