Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wordlist 4 : A

Appease -(v) : pacify or soothe

Apprise -(v) : inform

Approbation -(n) : approval

Aquiline -(adj) : curved, hooked

Arcade -(n) : covered passageway

Arcane -(n) : secret, mysterious

Archaic -(adj) : antiquated

Ardor -(n) : heat, passion, zeal

Armada -(n) : fleet of warships

Arroyo -(n) : gully

Arsenal -(n) : storage place for military equipment

Artisan -(n) : skilled worker

Artless -(adj) : without guile

Ascertain -(v) : find out for certain

Ascetic -(adj) : practicing self-denial

Asperity -(n) : sharpness of temper

Assiduous -(adj) : diligent, constant efforts

Assuage -(v) : ease or lessen pain

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