Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wordlist 5 : A

Astral -(adj) : related to stars

Astute -(adj) : wise, clever, keen

Atrocity -(n) : brutal deed

Atrophy -(n) : wasting away

Attenuate -(v) : make thin, weaken

Audacious -(adj) : daring, bold

Augment -(v) : increase

August -(n) : majestic, impressive

Austere -(adj) : forbiddingly stern

Auxiliary -(adj) : offering or providing help, additional or supportive

Avarice -(adj) ; greediness for wealth

Aver -(v) : state confidently

Avert -(v) : prevent, turn away

Awry -(adj) : distorted, crooked

Axiom -(n) : self-evident truth requiring no proof

Baleful -(adj) : deadly, having a malign influence

Balmy -(adj) : mild, fragrant

Banal -(adj) : hackneyed, commonplace

Bane -(n) : cause of ruin

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